Laugh Remix

by Lisa Donnelly

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    This is a fun, bass driven remix of "laugh"produced by Christian Hand



Laugh is a true story inspired by an 82 year old woman I met at a dinner party....this is a beat-driven remix of the folk/pop original version!



I’m stuck at a dinner party
Next to a woman I don’t know
Her perfume’s bold as her dress
She’s really old and yet
She won’t stop goin on and on about where I’m goin
She says tell me your time and date of birth
And I’ll read your story in the stars
Your tangled mess will make more sense
When you find out who you are
So baby if you know what’s good for ya
You gotta listen to me

Sex and money make the world go round
Breath in when you’re feelin down
Speak softly but stand tall
And laugh at it all
Open your heart and close your legs
They only want what makes em beg
Get hurt and then do it again
And laugh at it all

And then she starts to do her magic
Where she sees right through my skin
Through my palm she reads
My fragile heart and sees
The shattered state that it’s in
An angel in the making
She’s not afraid to die
The ground beneath us shaking
Next to her I’m more alive
She peels away my useless layers
With one look I’m new again


You can change the world
If you know the world won’t change
Acceptance is the answer
All walls come down the same…


If you wake up feeling sad, laugh at it all
Share every bit of love you have, laugh at it all
The world will push you to your knees, laugh at it all
Fear will try to take the lead, laugh at it all


released May 18, 2010
written by: Lisa Donnelly and Rob Giles
remixed by: Christian Hand



all rights reserved


Lisa Donnelly Los Angeles, California

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